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About Us

About Us

Google Chrome OS Index is a human edited directory. Google Chrome OS Index is not officially associated with Google in anyway.


This index has been compiled to bring together web sites that provide content about the Google Chrome Operating System.


Our interest comes from watching Google do battle with Windows for our computer software needs - whether they be apps, widgets, or programs. For years we have been stuck with basically one choice for personal computing.This choice has been Windows. In as much we have been burdened by Microsoft's strategy of one operating system that allegedly suits everyone's needs. Maybe Microsoft is a little less guilty with programs, apps and widgets. Now we will have a choice. Let's enjoy the fun! Of course no offense to Apple and Mac OS users is implied.


Top Chrome Websites

Chrome OS Apps

A great site to locate all Chrome OS Apps, Chrome OS Programs and Chrome OS Software



A popular web site covering both the Google Chrome Operating System, and the Google Chrome Browser. The site features - downloads, interviews, news, reviews, rumors, tips, tutorials and videos!


Chrome Story

A Power Blog that promotes turning you into a Google Chrome Power User. Chrome Story covers both the Chrome Browser and the Chrome Operating System. The site features Chrome Extensions as well as How To's.


Android Headlines

Complete Android News Site, Includes Android Phone Store, Android Accessories Store.


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Chrome Web Store

Chrome Web Store

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